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Information Technology

The other day, I took a picture with my smart phone of a 100-year old mirror that I had just finished restoring. As I thought about the “technology” used to make the restoration possible, (silicon molding material to create a mold with which to create replacement flower ornaments. Quick drying epoxy resins mixed with gold colored metallic powder to fill the molds; metallic paints and so on.) I looked at the phone in my hand (that has become a phone, high resolution camera, GPS, multilevel communication device, high powered personal computer and so much more) and thought of all the people who are struggling either personally or in their business with the technology that they are required to use every day in order to function in this world.

You know, those people and people like them are the reason I started my new business “eddie does IT LLC.” Oh yes, I will work with anyone who needs IT support but, I love helping those, like myself whose first computer didn’t even come with a hard drive and who sometimes wish that their smart phone hadn’t gotten to be so smart.

I have been working in IT (information technology) since 1985; formatted hard drives the size of washing machines, integrated systems that can transfer files stored on 9-track magnetic tapes to USB thumb drives, written complete MIS systems that run on the latest Mac OS as well as some basic BASIC on a Commodore 64.

If you need someone to help you bridge the gap between the technology you love and the technology that you love to hate or if you just need to get your new PC online, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together we will get it done.